CANADA?? VISA SPONSORSHIP and JOBS 2023 ( LABOUR SHORTAGE) The Canadian government is looking for National & International applicants who can fill the Shortage of jobs in Canada. The Canadian Government announced a 400% Number of Immigrants. This is an opportunity to work legally in Canada. Canada has already increased the number of Immigrants from … Read more

6 reasons you should not shave your pubic hair

Trimming pubic hair is an intimate choice but many experts feel that shaving pubic hair is simply a misleading attempt at personal hygiene. An increasing number of studies are now advocating against shaving the pubes. We explain it here. ​They exist for a purpose Pubic hair are there for a reason. Being the most sensitive … Read more

Scholarships for African students in the United States in 2021 sponsor By Davido

Scholarships for African students in the United States in 2021 sponsor By Davido Do you want to study abroad with African Students Scholarships in USA? A number of US universities and organizations offer undergraduate, masters and doctoral scholarships with the help of DAVIDO that are specifically open to African students and international students from developing … Read more

Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarships for Women in Africa, Europe and the Middle East

The Google Anita Borg Scholarships was created to honor Anita Borg’s legacy and her efforts to encourage women to pursue careers in computer science and technology.  Scholarship recipients in the United States and Canada will receive an academic grant in addition to being invited to attend the annual Google Scholars Forum in Mountain View, California.  … Read more

Amazing Opportunity To Earn A Scholarship

Another important element you want to consider early on is finding out what scholarships you’re actually eligible for, as some will have specific criteria. By doing careful research you’ll be able to find the scholarships most appropriate for you and then you can spend time working on your application for them. Be organized It pays … Read more