Some 5 reasons why you should consider getting insurance

We hear about insurance all the time: Insurance for assets, life etc. But many people don’t consider taking insurance policies because they don’t really know how they can benefit from it. When you buy an insurance policy, you’re buying a promise. It’s a promise that if something catastrophic happens in your life, your insurance will take you back to the position you were before it happened. So, what do you really stand to gain from this promise?

Below are a few benefits of insurance:

    1. Risk coverage – We incur risks during our everyday lives: going out, coming in, doing business, and making use of our assets all come with their fair share of risks. Having an insurance policy provides you with coverage for the daily risks we incur. Should there be any unplanned events, insurance ensures that there is soft landing for you and that you are able to recover from losses faster. Policies such as car insurancehealth insurance  will help you to prepare for future occurrences.


    1. Peace of mind – When you are protected, you’re at peace! Thinking of everyday risks and providing risk management solutions can bug you down. But if you’re able to move the risks over to a professional (an insurer), then you will enjoy peace of mind and live free of worries.


    1. Living Benefits: Contrary to popular belief, benefits of life insurance policies can be enjoyed while you’re alive. In addition to death benefits (which is standard in all life insurance policies), there are also benefits such as critical illness, permanent disability covers which can be enjoyed while a person is alive. Also, life insurance policies offer cash back benefits, tax rebates, returns on investments/savings amongst other living benefits.


    1. Enjoy life – Insurance ensures that you can ‘live your best life’ without worries of fear. When you are protected, you can explore life’s possibilities. For instance, if you enjoy adventure, you can travel rest assured with your travel insurance policy. If you love arts, you can collect what you like and protect them under your all-risks policy.


  1. Live Healthy: It is popularly said that ‘health is wealth’. Health care can be quite expensive. Having a health insurance policy keeps you rest assured that you will not have to spend so much should there be any instance of illness. Also, many health insurance policies provide health check benefits and preventive health care services which ensure that health issues can be detected early and addressed.

Getting an insurance policy is in your best interest, as you have a promise that help will come to you during any unforeseen circumstances.

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